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These two hosting sites share the same “specialty”, but they take a slightly different approach when it comes to constructing a user-friendly hosting platform. But first, let’s get to know these two hosting websites. is an innovative supplier of web hosting services. It first met the world in 2002, in Danemark from then on it has been going up till it got to be one of the leading companies in Europe. BlueHost is a company of web hosting owned by Endurance International Group. It has been founded one year later than and it has become one of the biggest web hosting site and it hosts over 2 milion of domains with it’s “sister” companies.

Now let’s see some of the similarities that they have:

  • Linux-based plans
  • 24/7 customer support
  • they are beginner-friendly

Now that we all know their similarities, let’s get to know their differences.

Plan pricing:

BlueHost’s plans pricing start at $2.65 /month and it can go up to $9.96/month, while has cheaper hosting. Their plans pricing starts at $0.25/month and it goes up to $2.25/month.

In conclusion…

… conclusion, even though is a cheaper hosting, their plans are limited, meanwhile BlueHost has pricier plans,they also have a larger range of plans to choose from and less plan limitations. BlueHost do have a longer money-back guarantee and has better usability.


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