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What is hosting?

Well, this site has been first published in 2002 and has it’s headquarters in Danemark and it was launched by Jacob Jensen.

Now, it has become one of the largest hosting platform in Europe.

So now, since we got to know a bit about, let’s see what this website has to offer.

Pros of

1)Their pricing. is known for its low pricing plans. It’s plans start at $2.45/month with the Starter Hosting plan and it can go up to $11.99/month with the Bussines Hosting plan. But of course, the more you pay, the more you get.

2)Performance may not be the best in the industry but it still provides a decent performance.

It provides better load times and performances with its Businesa plan which uses SSD and Professional Plan.

3)Features has a set of features that are worth being mentioned. Its hosting plans have all distinctive features

Every plan has a 15-day money back guarantee. And with each plan you have unlimited bandwidth and unlimited E-mail accounts

4)Customer Support

Even though, their live chat option does not appear instantly,you can search for it on the search option. Their representative will join you in less than ten minutes after you write them.

They also have a dedicated support page whichs has very well segregated topics. Most of your queries will be answered over there.

But, like every other website, has some cons too, so let’s discuss about some of them.

  • 1)They only have shared plans which means no Vps or cloud hosting options
  • 2)Limited options when it comes to upgrating plans if your site grows too large
  • 3)They have no Windows hosting

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